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Annie Anna Grattan

ID : I268178 Female

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Always willing to participate in various activities and in numerous associations. She gave her heart and soul to people in need and in all walks of life. She had worked at Eaton’s, Zellers, Atlantic Loto, but people will mostly remember her as th

e dental assistant for Dr. Georges Cormier. Upon retirement, she spent countless hours volunteering in numerous fields especially at the Dr. G-L. Dumont Hospital UHC where she received a medal from the City of Moncton for 25 years of volunteering

. She was a woman of many accomplishments and travelled extensively over the years. She was even a contestant and winner on the TV Show “The Price is Right”, was selected Maritimer of the week on ATV “Live at Five”, and walked the Confederation Br

idge at it’s grand opening. She was a member and past director of the Christ-Roi Golden Age Club and also devoted many long and tireless hours for her parish, Christ-Roi.

Annie Anna Grattan
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1. Grattan, Henry I514477 Male

Maillet, Marguerite Marie-Geneviève dit Maggie I514476 Female
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1. Cormier, Alfred I268179 Male
ID : F109768
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Enfants : 1

Cormier, Ronald I268177 Male

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